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Honey Feast Wildflower Honey 12oz - Pure Florida Honey, Raw and Unfiltered, Ideal for Tea, Natural Enzymes & Pollen

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Unadulterated Wildflower Honey: Savor the pure taste of our 12oz Honey Feast Wildflower honey, straight from the bounty of nature. Crafted with care, our honey delivers an authentic raw honey experience, rich with the flavors of diverse wildflowers.

Unfiltered: We take pride in our unfiltered process, which keeps all the active enzymes and pollen intact. Our honey is bottled right from the barrel, ensuring you receive it as raw and rich as nature intended.

Seasonal Diversity in Every Jar: Our wildflower honey captures the unique variations of each season, with a wide array of floral sources and a broad spectrum of pollens, offering a distinct taste and experience every time.

Lightly Strained to Preserve Goodness: We lightly strain our honey to remove debris while preserving the 'good stuff'. Every spoonful is a direct connection to the pure, untouched wilds of Florida.

Organic Farming Roots: Honey Feast is not just about honey. We raise bees along with organic peaches and oranges, ensuring our honey benefits from the lush diversity of our eco-friendly farm.

Honey Feast invites you to indulge in the pure, raw splendor of our Wildflower Honey, lovingly presented in a 12oz jar. Our organic farm in Central Florida is a haven where bees, organic peaches, and oranges thrive, contributing to the rich, multifaceted flavor of our honey.

We honor the traditional ways of honey harvesting, bottling directly from the barrel without any heat processing—known as cold packing—to ensure that the enzymes and pollen are as vibrant and active as in the hive itself.

The floral tapestry of our region imbues our wildflower honey with ever-changing notes, reflecting the seasonal dance of nature. With each harvest bringing its unique profile of florals and pollens, no two jars are exactly alike.

Our commitment to minimal intervention means that we only lightly strain the honey, keeping the depth of its natural benefits. This careful approach allows us to offer you honey that is not only raw and real but also brimming with the wholesome goodness of wild Florida.

Choose Honey Feast for a genuine wildflower honey experience, where every jar tells the story of our love for bees and the natural bounty of our organic farm.