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Sweet Clover Honey by Honey Feast - 3oz Jars, Pack of 12 | Perfect Wedding Favors & Artisanal Gifts

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Delight in our Sweet Clover Honey, a 12-jar pack of 3oz each, handcrafted for memorable favors and heartfelt gifts at weddings and special events.

Hand-bottled with care on our Florida apiary, each small batch captures the essence of artisanal gourmet honey, perfect for tea lovers and foodie enthusiasts.

Transform your tea time with our tea gifts, infusing each cup with the light, floral notes of Sweet Clover, an ideal pairing found in our tea and honey gift sets.

Celebrate the love of bees and nature with our bee-themed gifts, and enrich your foodie gifts for women with the pure, delicate taste of Sweet Clover honey.

Choose Honey Feast for family gatherings or as a company gift; our gourmet honey sets, including health gift baskets, are curated for those who appreciate artisanal quality.

Experience the light and delightful flavor of Honey Feast's Sweet Clover Honey, now available in a convenient pack of 12 charming 3oz jars. Each jar is a symbol of our commitment to traditional beekeeping, filled with honey harvested from the sweet clover blooms that flourish under the Florida sun.

Perfect as a gift set or to share with those who love tea, these jars of Sweet Clover honey are a testament to our dedication to natural beekeeping practices. They make for a thoughtful inclusion in a honey sampler gift set or as a standout addition to a Florida gift basket. For the discerning foodie or health-conscious individual, these jars provide a touch of sweetness to any culinary creation or beverage.

Our honey is not just a product; it's a story of passion and purity. From our family to yours, Honey Feast's Sweet Clover Honey is the ideal favor for those who value authentic, gourmet flavors and the simple pleasures of life.