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Orange Blossom Honey 3oz - Pack of 12 | Artisanal Hand-Bottled Florida Gourmet Honey | Perfect for Wedding Favors, Gifts, and Event Handouts

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Wedding & Event Ready: A perfect case of 12 that serves as delightful favors for weddings, handouts at events, or thoughtful gifts.

Artisanal Quality: Hand-bottled by the beekeepers on our Florida farm, our Orange Blossom Honey is an artisanal, gourmet treat.

Versatile Gifts: Ideal for tea gifts, bee-themed collections, and foodie women, this honey enriches any tea and honey gift set.

Culinary Delight: Enhance your cooking and food tasting experiences with this gourmet honey - a must-have for foodies and cooks.

Health-Conscious Choice: Our honey is not just a sweet treat; it's a wholesome addition to health gift baskets, offering natural sweetness and well-being.

Discover the sweet essence of Florida with our artisanal Orange Blossom Honey, carefully hand-bottled on our apiary and farm. This gourmet delicacy is crafted in small batches by dedicated beekeepers, ensuring a pure, high-quality experience with every spoonful. Packaged conveniently in a set of 12 jars, each containing 3 ounces of golden nectar, our Orange Blossom Honey is an ideal choice for tea enthusiasts, foodies, and anyone with a sweet tooth. Whether you're looking for unique gifts, planning wedding favors, or seeking to impress at corporate events, this honey is sure to delight. Enjoy the pure taste of Florida's finest with our Orange Blossom Honey - where every jar tells the story of our love for bees and the art of honey-making.