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HONEY FEAST Melaleuca Honey 12oz – Raw Florida Honey, Unfiltered & Unheated, Pure Natural Honey for Tea, Real American Honey from Local Wildflowers

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Authentic Raw Florida Honey: Our 12oz jar of Melaleuca honey is the epitome of purity. Harvested from the nectar of Melaleuca flowers in Florida, it retains all the natural vitamins, enzymes, and phytonutrients due to its raw, unfiltered, and unheated state.

Versatile Natural Sweetener: Whether you're sweetening your morning tea or drizzling over a warm biscuit, our honey provides a rich and robust flavor. It's perfect for those who appreciate the subtlety of wildflower honeys and the robustness of really raw honey.

Pure and Unadulterated: HONEY FEAST is committed to providing pure honey that's as close to the hive as possible. Our Melaleuca honey is not just raw, but also free from any filtration, preserving the natural pollen and propolis that are often lost in conventional honey production.

A Natural Choice for the Pantry: Our Melaleuca honey is a delightful addition to any kitchen. Sourced from Florida’s wildflowers, it's a perfect natural sweetener for those who appreciate the full-bodied taste of raw honey. Enjoy it in your tea, baked goods, or as a spread for a touch of natural sweetness.

Supporting Local Beekeeping: By choosing HONEY FEAST, you're supporting American beekeepers and sustainable practices. Our honey is sourced from local hives in Florida, ensuring that every purchase contributes to the welfare of bees and the environment.

Indulge in the pure taste of HONEY FEAST's Melaleuca Honey, a 12oz treasure harvested from the Melaleuca groves of Florida. This raw, unfiltered, and unheated honey captures the heart of Florida’s natural flora, providing a rich and smooth taste that’s perfect for enhancing your favorite foods and beverages.

Our honey is carefully extracted and thoughtfully packaged to maintain its natural characteristics. With every drizzle over your breakfast yogurt or swirl into a warm mug of tea, you’re greeted with the pure essence of Melaleuca's unique flavor.

At HONEY FEAST, we take pride in offering a honey that not only tastes exceptional but also honors the craftsmanship of local beekeepers. We believe in the simple, unadulterated pleasures of raw honey, right from the hive to your home.

Savor the genuine flavors with HONEY FEAST's Melaleuca Honey and elevate your culinary experiences with a jar full of nature's own sweetener.