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HONEY FEAST Propolis Infused Raw Manuka Honey | New Zealand Manuka Honey Blend with Propolis | Bulk Honey | MGO182 | Patent Pending Formula | 6lb Jar

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Innovative Manuka Honey Blend: Our patent-pending formula expertly infuses New Zealand Manuka honey with wildflower honey, creating a delightful and potent mixture ideal for daily consumption.

Pure Raw Manuka Honey: Harvested from the pristine environments of New Zealand, our Manuka honey remains unheated and unfiltered, preserving its natural nutrients and enzymes for maximum health benefits.

Bulk Honey Savings: Enjoy the value and convenience of our 6lb jar of premium honey blend, perfect for use in a variety of recipes, as a natural sweetener in tea, or straight from the jar for an energy boost.

Propolis Enriched: Our honey blend is enhanced with propolis extract, a natural bee product recognized for its wellness effects, supporting overall health and immune function.

Guaranteed Quality: HONEY FEAST's Manuka honey blend has been scientifically proven to pass European Manuka MGO testing standards with a rating of MGO182, ensuring its premium quality and authenticity.

 Our pure raw Manuka is sourced from the untouched landscapes of New Zealand, ensuring the highest quality and the purest ingredients. By keeping our honey unheated and unfiltered, we preserve all of its natural nutrients and enzymes, providing optimal health benefits for you and your loved ones.   This bulk honey option comes in a generous 6lb jar, offering you an ample supply for all your cooking and well-being needs. Enjoy the cost savings and convenience of having this high-quality honey blend available whenever you require it.   Furthermore, our honey blend is enhanced with the power of propolis extract. Propolis, a natural bee product, is known for its wonderful properties, promoting overall wellness and immune support. Experience the best of both worlds with our Manuka and propolis-infused honey.   Quality is of paramount importance to us at HONEY FEAST. That's why our Manuka honey blend has been scientifically proven to pass European Manuka MGO testing standards with a rating of MGO182. This ensures the authenticity and premium quality of our product, so you can trust you're getting the very best.