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HONEY MAY BE CRYSTALLIZED - Honey Feast Grill Master's Trio Gift Set: Hot Honey, Bourbon Honey, and Orange Blossom Honey - Qty 3 12oz jars

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Fiery Hot Honey: Brace yourself for our Hot Honey's spicy kick, a sweet start followed by a smoky heat that elevates any chicken dish. This honey is a must-have for those who love a spicy twist to their meals.

Rich Bourbon Honey: Infuse your salmon with the warm, smooth notes of our Bourbon Honey, perfect for adding a touch of sweetness and the essence of bourbon to your favorite grill recipes.

Citrus-Infused Orange Blossom Honey: Our Orange Blossom Honey offers a light and clean sweetness, ideal for complementing meats or jazzing up barbecue sauces, making it a versatile addition to any grilling aficionado's pantry.

Gift of Gourmet Flavors: This honey trio is an artisanal gift treasure, perfect for families, foodies, and cooks looking to explore new flavors on the grill. It's also a great company gift for those who appreciate gourmet delights.

Barbecue and Tea Enthusiasts' Delight: Not just for the grill, these honeys can be the centerpiece of a tea and honey gift set, or a unique addition to a tea lovers gift basket, offering a versatile flavor profile for various palates.

Elevate your grilling game with the Honey Feast Grill Master's Trio Gift Set, a curated selection of Hot Honey, Bourbon Honey, and Orange Blossom Honey. Each 12oz jar is filled with rich, distinctive flavors designed to transform your barbecued creations into culinary masterpieces.

Kick things off with our Hot Honey, a spicy sensation that promises to add an adventurous twist to your grilled dishes. The initial sweetness tantalizingly gives way to a bold, smoky heat, making it an unforgettable treat for spice lovers and a fiery addition to any foodie gift basket.

For a more subtle flavor, our Bourbon Honey combines the sweet depth of honey with the classic taste of bourbon, creating a perfect glaze for your salmon. It's a gourmet gift that nods to the traditional flavors of the South, perfect for a Florida gift basket or as a refined honey gift set.

The Orange Blossom Honey rounds out this trio with its light, clean sweetness, offering a hint of citrus that makes it an ideal complement to any meat or BBQ sauce. It's a versatile choice for a honey and tea gift set or as a standalone gourmet gift set.

Whether it's for a family gathering, a special gift for a tea enthusiast, or a company event, this Honey Feast Grill Master's Trio is sure to impress. It's a unique tea gift, a health gift basket for those who love bold flavors, and a honey sampler gift set that celebrates the joy of grilling. So why not indulge in this honey gift basket, perfect for the foodie in your life who craves a touch of sweetness with their smoke and sizzle?