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HONEY FEAST Bulk Case Allergy Blend Honey, 12oz Jars (6-Pack) - Artisanal Honey, Raw & Unfiltered, Enhanced Pollen, Florida Beekeepers' Craft

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• Bulk Case Allergy Solution: Offering a convenient 6-pack of 12oz jars, this bulk case provides a pollen-rich honey blend, boasting 10 times the pollen count of standard honey, ideal for those seeking allergy relief through natural means.

• Direct from our 15-acre Central Florida apiary, this collection of raw, unheated honey is the epitome of beekeepers' dedication, promising an unadulterated, fresh, and authentic honey experience.

• Purely Raw & Unfiltered: Each jar in our bulk case retains honey's wholesome essence, unfiltered and raw, ensuring the retention of all beneficial nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants without artificial additives or preservatives.

• Nationwide Beekeeping Pride: HONEY FEAST supports a network of American beekeepers, offering a honey blend that reflects the nation's vast floral diversity and imparts the unique regional flavors of our country.

• Versatile Culinary Use: Our bulk case honey is not only delicious but also versatile, ready to enhance your teas, smoothies, and recipes as a natural sweetener with the benefits of additional pollen.

Embrace the convenience and value of HONEY FEAST's Allergy Blend Honey with our bulk case, featuring six 12oz jars packed with high-pollen content honey. This specially curated selection is designed for allergy sufferers and health enthusiasts alike, offering an ample supply of our finest honey. Each jar contains a potent dose of pollen, infused from apiaries across the United States, creating a blend that is both unique and effective for allergy support.

Cultivated with care on our expansive apiary in the sunny state of Florida, our honey is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and natural beekeeping practices. The honey is extracted and bottled without any heat treatment, preserving the natural state and maximum health benefits.

Our allergy blend is a pure product, unprocessed to maintain the honey's natural virtues. It's a healthy choice for those who appreciate honey's role as more than just a sweetener but also as a part of their wellness routine.

This bulk case of HONEY FEAST honey is a celebration of the tireless work of beekeepers from across the United States, bringing to your pantry a taste that is as rich and diverse as the American flora. Each jar captures the essence of various landscapes, offering a flavor that is unmistakably American.

Whether used in daily health regimens, as a cooking ingredient, or as a sweet treat, our bulk case of Allergy Blend Honey is perfect for stocking up your kitchen or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Enjoy the natural taste, enhanced pollen benefits, and the assurance of quality and freshness that HONEY FEAST guarantees with every jar.