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HONEY FEAST Bulk Allergy Blend Honey, 6lb - Florida Crafted, Raw & Unfiltered, High Pollen Content, Directly from Central Florida Beekeepers

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• Bulk Allergy Blend: Tailored for those in pursuit of higher pollen intake, our 6lb bulk jar offers a significant pollen boost, 10 times more than standard honey, sourced from select beekeepers nationwide for an exceptional allergy-friendly honey.

• Bottled on our 15-acre apiary in the heart of Florida, this raw and natural honey is the labor of love from our dedicated beekeepers, guaranteeing a fresh and genuine farm-to-table experience.

• Raw & Unprocessed: Relish our allergy blend honey in its purest form, raw and unfiltered, which preserves all the essential nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants. Free of artificial additives or preservatives, it's the ideal choice for a nutritious sweetener.

• Proudly American Honey: HONEY FEAST celebrates American beekeeping heritage, offering a honey that captures the essence of diverse flora across the United States, providing a symphony of tastes unique to the American landscape.

• Culinary Delight: Discover the rich, natural flavor and the enhanced pollen content of our bulk honey, an excellent addition to any recipe, beverage, or as a wholesome sugar alternative.

Introducing HONEY FEAST's Allergy Blend Honey in a substantial 6lb bulk jar, specifically designed for those who seek the healthful benefits of increased pollen in their diet. This bulk honey is a testament to our commitment to quality and our support for allergy relief. Infused with a high concentration of pollen from beekeepers across the nation, our honey offers a unique blend that stands out for its healthful properties and robust flavor.

Cultivated in the lush landscapes of Central Florida, our honey is a direct reflection of our beekeepers' commitment to purity and sustainability. The result is a fresh, unadulterated product, bottled with care to ensure it retains all the natural goodness that honey is renowned for.

Our unfiltered allergy blend maintains the integrity of the original nutrients, serving not only as a sweetener but also as a healthful supplement. It's an honest product, devoid of any unnecessary processing or chemical additives.

HONEY FEAST's bulk honey is a celebration of the American spirit, supporting local beekeepers while delivering a product that is as varied and vibrant as the country itself. Each jar is a tribute to the rich variety of American wildflowers, with flavors that speak to the soul of our land.

Use our bulk allergy blend honey to enhance your culinary ventures or as a delicious alternative to processed sweeteners. Whether you're sweetening a cup of tea or creating a glaze for a gourmet dish, the added pollen and exquisite flavor of HONEY FEAST's honey will elevate your dishes, providing a pure taste experience that only true, unprocessed honey can offer.