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HONEY FEAST Allergy Blend Honey, 3lb Jar - Premium Honey, Raw & Unfiltered, Enhanced Pollen Content, Beekeeper Crafted in Central Florida Apiary

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• Enhanced Pollen Allergy Blend: Specially formulated with a tenfold increase in pollen content, HONEY FEAST's 3lb jar caters to those requiring extra pollen, combining resources from apiarists nationwide for a superior allergy blend.

• Authentic Florida Honey: Straight from our expansive 15-acre Central Florida apiary, this raw and unheated honey is a product of passion from our committed beekeepers, ensuring a direct farm-to-table experience that speaks volumes of its quality, freshness, and realness.

• Pure & Unprocessed: Experience honey in its most natural state—raw and unfiltered—locking in the vital nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants. Absolutely free from artificial additives or preservatives, it stands out as a wholesome and natural sweetener.

• Taste & Versatility: Elevate your culinary creations with the robust flavor and added pollen benefits of our allergy blend honey. Perfect in beverages, as a baking ingredient, or as a wholesome alternative to sugar.

Delve into the richness of HONEY FEAST's Allergy Blend Honey, now available in a generous 3lb jar. With a concentration of pollen that is ten times higher than average honey, this blend is a boon for those seeking the allergy-fighting benefits of pollen. Each jar contains the essence of various floral sources from across the United States, meticulously crafted by infusing pollen collected by devoted beekeepers.

Our honey is a celebration of Florida's natural bounty, harvested and bottled at our dedicated apiary to ensure the highest standards of quality and authenticity. It's a direct promise of purity from our hives to your home.

This allergy blend is untouched by processing, ensuring the intrinsic goodness of honey is preserved. It's not just a sweetener—it's a drop of nature's magic, unspoiled by artificial additives or preservatives.

As a salute to the craft of American beekeeping, we're committed to supporting local apiarists while delivering a taste that embodies the country's rich floral diversity. HONEY FEAST is more than a brand; it's a testament to the unparalleled variety of American wildflowers.

Enjoy the multifaceted and sumptuous flavor of our allergy blend honey, whether it's drizzled over your morning toast, blended into a soothing tea, or used as a secret ingredient in your favorite dishes. Embrace the added pollen and savor the authentic taste of HONEY FEAST's Allergy Blend Honey, where every jar is a pledge to our dedication to excellence in quality, freshness, and authenticity.