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HONEY FEAST 6-Pack New Zealand Manuka Honey with Propolis 12oz Each - Raw, MGO182, Enhanced with Propolis, Made with manuka from New Zealand 🍯🐝

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🍯 Exclusive Blend: Harnessing a proprietary blend, our six-pack of New Zealand Manuka Honey with Propolis boasts a unique formula awaiting patent approval, delivering a synergistic mix of Manuka's natural goodness and Propolis's wonderful attributes.

🌿 Manuka sourced from New Zealand: Each jar of our Manuka Honey is a pure, unadulterated product of untouched environments, promising the highest quality and authenticity in every spoonful.

🐝 Enriched with Propolis: Enhanced with the powerful extracts of bee propolis, our honey offers a rich source of wellness benefits, promoting your balance with every use.

🌟 Certified MGO182: tested and confirmed to match the European Manuka MGO standards, our honey proudly bears the MGO182 mark, reflecting its premium grade.

☕ Indulge in Versatility: Our Manuka Honey with Propolis is a delightful treat whether drizzled over your morning toast, blended into your tea, or savored directly, bringing the essence of New Zealand to your table.

Dive into the exquisite world of HONEY FEAST's six-pack of New Zealand Manuka Honey with Propolis, each jar containing 12oz of our specially formulated honey. Our unique process begins with the finest Manuka, sourced directly from the pristine New Zealand wilderness, to which we add a proprietary infusion of honey and bee propolis—known for its remarkable properties derived from the sap of trees and favored by bees. Celebrated not just for its benefits but also for its culinary flexibility, our Manuka Honey with Propolis passes stringent European Manuka MGO testing standards, achieving a distinguished MGO182 rating. This endorsement underscores the superior quality of our product, giving you confidence in its properties. A gourmet addition to any pantry. Its rich, natural flavor enhanced by propolis ensures a taste experience that is as enjoyable as it is beneficial. Whether it's adding a touch of sweetness to your tea, enhancing the flavors of your breakfast, or being enjoyed by the spoonful, this honey stands out for its taste and qualities alike. Embrace the tasteful journey with HONEY FEAST's six-pack of Manuka Honey with Propolis, and allow yourself the pleasure of a product that blends qualitywith indulgence. Add this treasure trove of New Zealand's finest to your cart and elevate your everyday regimen.