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    Honey Allergy Blend
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    Flower Powered Honey Allergy Blend is supercharged with over 10 times the pollen of raw honey. Our raw wildflower honey is a blend of seasonal honeys containing a wide variety of pollens. We blend our wildflower honey with bee pollen from a diverse range of locations. Did you know raw honey only contains 0.1-0.2% bee pollen? Our Allergy Blend Honey has so much pollen you can taste the earthiness of the bee pollen granules.

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    It tastes like our nice sweet raw wildflower honey with an earthy finish.  The bee pollen has a pronounced flavor that makes the whole product noticeably different than pure honey.

    This honey with pollen will be great in smoothies or protein shakes.  Add some to your toast or tea.  

    Some people are allergic to bee pollen and this product contains bee pollen.  If you don't know if you're allergic to bee pollen ask your doctor before use.

    Honey Allergy Blend Customer Reviews

    How We Produce Our Honey Allergy Blend

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    We are committed to natural & sustainable beekeeping.  Our beekeepers are developing natural remedies to hive pests & viruses.  We share our work with other beekeepers to promote the practice.

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    Wherever possible honey is produced from organic floral sources located in parks & preserves.  These flowers are non GMO and are not sprayed with pesticides or fungicides.

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    We Cold Pack the honey & lightly strain it.  It's harder to cold pack honey because it moves so slow.  But this ensures all the enzymes are active and the good stuff is still in the jar waiting for you :)

    Quality American Raw Honey

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    Support local American farmers.  It's better for the environment & local community.

    scientist lab tested flower powered honey allergy blend icon

    We send honey & hive samples to scientists to make sure you're getting a clean product.  From GMO's to pesticides we've got you covered.

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    Our bottling facility is 3rd party audited  for Food Safety & Good Manufacturing practices.

    "Bee Above It" Urban Beekeeping & Pollinator Garden Initiative

    We are committed to saving the bees by creating awareness!  When you buy a Allergy Blend Honey Product, some of that profit is being put to our BEE ABOVE IT initiative.

    The Real Thing! Different.

    Must be authentic because it looks and tastes, smells exactly like pollen and is strong.Different taste honey, but I like it.Using it to try to cure a pollen allergy in sinuses, eyes. Sinus congestion pressing on eyes.., covering eyes.Recently moved to a area very close to a march land, much more pollen and a variety of trees, flowers, weeds.I remember my Auntie saying; "when she first moved to Cape Cod she was surrounded by pine trees, a lot of pollen. Made her eyes water... and other reactions. After 1st... year her system got used to it."Honey might be working. I use a few different types. Eyes getting better; the sandy, scratchy, extreme itching and sinus pressure in the face, bones... around the eyes is less. Pollen is also going down in my area this week.I am using 3 types of honey and a lot of different pollen to try to build immunity to the pollens in the air. It has worked in the past in the city near the country. But this new home is near a lot of wild lands.I like this honey!!"

    Great tasting Honey

    "Great tasting Honey and with the flu running rampant honey boost the antioxidants to fight off those nasty bugs. I have tried multiple blends of this honey and have fallen in love with all of them. I recently found them at my local Lucky's whole foods store. Love this honey!"

    "Absolutely delicious and really helped my sinuses! Fast shipping and great packaging!"

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    From the Founder


    "The bees are having a tough time out there.  From Varroa mites to pesticides, the bees face a lot of challenges to their survival.  Our mission is to develop sustainable beekeeping practices and natural hive treatments.  We will create the cleanest purest honey possible for our customers.  

    Many honey packers and producers import honey from overseas and blend it with USA honey to reduce prices.  This hurts the American farmer.  We are also committed to producing and purchasing only USA honey." 

    Charlie Sanford

    Founder - Honey Feast

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