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6-Pack Honey Feast Hemp Honey Concentrate 12oz - Artisanal Bio-Active Honey with Natural Hemp, Cold-Packed in Florida

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🍯 Premium Hemp-Infused Honey: Delight in our multipack of Hemp Honey Concentrate, where raw, bio-active honey meets natural hemp for a genuine, earthy flavor in every 12oz jar.

🐝 Direct from the Hive: Harvested on our lush Florida farm, each batch of Honey Feast honey is cold-packed to retain all the natural enzymes and pollens for a truly bio-active experience.

🌿 Handcrafted Hemp Blend: Our distinct hemp concentrate, sourced from a dedicated small farm in Portland, Oregon, is seamlessly blended for a consistent and rich hemp infusion.

🍽️ Natural Sweetener Multipack: Elevate your pantry with our 6-pack, perfect for sweetening beverages, enhancing recipes, or as a natural complement to your wellness practices.

🌱 Uncompromised Purity: We ensure our Hemp Honey Concentrate remains unprocessed, honoring the integrity of both the honey and hemp, for a pure product in every spoonful.

Introducing Honey Feast's 6-Pack Hemp Honey Concentrate, a testament to the synergy between raw, untouched honey and the earthy essence of natural hemp. Our 12oz jars are filled with honey that is rich in pollens and active enzymes, thanks to our cold-packing process that honors the integrity of the honey's bio-active properties.

From our vibrant, bee-friendly farm in Florida to your home, this honey is a direct connection to nature’s wellness. The addition of our specially curated hemp concentrate from Oregon ensures each jar is a harmonious blend of two potent natural elements.

This 6-pack offering is ideal for those who value the natural approach to wellness and seek a versatile sweetener that embodies purity and quality. Whether adding a dollop to your morning tea, blending into a smoothie, or savoring it by the spoon, Honey Feast's Hemp Honey Concentrate is your go-to for a touch of natural sweetness.

Embrace the wholesome goodness of our multipack Hemp Honey Concentrate, where the best practices of artisanal beekeeping meet the rich tradition of hemp cultivation. Enjoy the full-bodied flavor and natural benefits, batch after batch, with Honey Feast.