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    Tupulo Honey

    Tupulo honey is a common mis-spelling for the famous Tupelo honey.  Honey Feast is famous for our Tupelo honey.  We hope you enjoy our tupulo honey and try some of our other wonderful  natural products from the hive.  

    Tupelo Honey Raw

    Tupelo Honey (Tupulo)

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    Black gum tupelo honey is a rare honey harvested during the spring in the swamps of North Florida from the Black Gum Tupelo trees. 100% pure honey that is cold packed and bio active preserving the enzymes. Lightly strained honey in the raw to retain all the good stuff from the hive.

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    Black Gum Tupelo honey has a light amber color and is very thick. It has a well balanced sweetness to it that pairs exceptionally well with teas. This is a prized rare honey.

    This raw honey Pairs exceptionally well with teas. Try some drizzled on biscuits, smoothies, coffee and on baked goods. It's a perfect everyday natural honey. 

    This tupelo honey is born in the swamps of North Central Florida from the Black Gum Tupelo tree. Two weeks after the bloom, the Holly tree starts blooming. If the bees have not filled their honey supers and capped off the frames, they will visit some of the Holly flowers to finish the job. So we call this a Black Gum Tupelo Holly Blend. 

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