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    Honey Feast 500mg extract
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    Our hemp honey concentrate contains 500mg of our specially formulated high potency hemp extract. We refine the natural oil to concentrate the desirable compounds and remove excess plant materials. This concentrate is then blended into 6 ounces of our natural raw honey. Our concentrate contains no filler oils or additives. Just two ingredients, raw honey and hemp oil.

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    It tastes like our tupelo honey with a slight hint of hemp.  Each batch is a little different.  

    This is great in morning tea or smoothies.  Compliments many dishes.  Dogs love hemp honey too!

    Florida honey blended with USA hemp.

    Reviews About Our Hemp Honey Concentrate

    How We Make The Raw Honey

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    We are committed to natural & sustainable beekeeping.  Our beekeepers are developing natural remedies to hive pests & viruses.  We share our work with other beekeepers to promote the practice.

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    Wherever possible raw honey is produced from organic floral sources located in parks & preserves.  These flowers are non GMO and are not sprayed with pesticides or fungicides.

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    We Cold Pack the raw honey & lightly strain it.  It's harder to cold pack honey because it moves so slow.  But this ensures all the enzymes are active and the good stuff is still in the jar waiting for you :)

    Our Raw Honey Is From The USA

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    Support local American farmers.  It's better for the environment & local community.

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    We send honey & hive samples to scientists to make sure you're getting a clean product.  From GMO's to pesticides we've got you covered.

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    Our bottling facility is 3rd party audited  for Food Safety & Good Manufacturing practices.

    "Bee Above It" Urban Beekeeping & Pollinator Garden Initiative

    We are committed to saving the bees by creating awareness!  When you buy a Cacao honey product, some of that profit is being put to our BEE ABOVE IT initiative.

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    From the Founder


    "The bees are having a tough time out there.  From Varroa mites to pesticides, the bees face a lot of challenges to their survival.  Our mission is to develop sustainable beekeeping practices and natural hive treatments.  We will create the cleanest purest honey possible for our customers.  

    Many honey packers and producers import honey from overseas and blend it with USA honey to reduce prices.  This hurts the American farmer.  We are also committed to producing and purchasing only USA honey." 

    Charlie Sanford

    Founder - Honey Feast

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